Our Certification

ISO 9001

BDH Engineering ZRt. has always intended to execute his activity on high quality level during his services provided to his clients. Therefore, it takes advantage of the services of independent quality assurance companies from time to time which conduct regular checks of its work processes. BDH Engineering Zrt. operates a quality management system in compliance with the Standard ISO 9001.

The Quality Management System ISO 9001 applicable to:

  • Mechanical design.
  • Design of Energetic Equipments (pressure control equipments, pipe lines).
  • Design of related load resistant dteel structures.

Paks Nuclear Power Plant – Supplier qualification

BDH Engineering Zrt. is in possesion of the Supplier qualification of Paks Nuclear Power Plant. The existence of this qualification attests that our company may also carry out activities in the nuclear area and also in the area affected by nuclear safety.

Qualified area:

Execution of design, expert (preparation of analyses and studies) and general designer’s activity related to the maintenance, modification and improvement of technology systems and system elements classified into ABOS (Nuclear power plant security classification, in Hungarian) 2, 3 safety classes.

Execution of construction and design works in connection with the modification of structures and building constructions (nuclear purpose structures) related to nuclear power plants.